"Take 5" Online Mini-Retreat: Fr. Nick Rouch / Angie Amburn

Life is crazy-busy!
Take the moment and reconnect. In the two clips below Fr. Nick Rouch shares a funny story about a dude wanting to tattoo him (video 1), and Angie Amburn shares challenges as a wife and mother of four (video 2). From our Made2Worship in October.

If you live in the Erie, Pennsylvania area- experience God FOR REAL the first Wednesday of the month at Made2Worship. It's worth scheduling.

Made2Worship is an outreach of Image Trinity... a movement of families and individuals on the adventure of more fully discovering and living their identity: Image the Trinity (Get IT?).

The Right Haunting

[As we're approaching Halloween (which literally means, "holy eve"], there is a certain "haunting" proper to our souls. Yet, as C.S. Lewis so marvelously articulated in "Screwtape Letters," Satan (="adversary") would want us to trivialize a great source of power, and so we have popular Halloween culture- devoid of anything "hallowed" (holy).  We are presented with the opportunity to buy into the commercial, artificial and silly, or be tuned into a deep and meaningful truth of our nature, anticipated in this Holy Eve. The right "haunting"  is beautifully expressed by St. Columban (from today's Office of Readings)]

How blessed, how fortunate, are those servants whom the Lord will find watchful when he comes. Blessed is the time of waiting when we stay awake for the Lord, the Creator of the universe, who fills all things and transcends all things.
How I wish he would awaken me, his humble servant, from the sleep of slothfulness, even though I am of little worth. How I wish he would enkindle me with that fire of divine love. The flames of his love burn beyond the stars; the longing for his overwhelming delights and the divine fire ever burn within me!
How I wish I might deserve to have my lantern always burning at night in the temple of my Lord, to give light to all who enter the house of my God. Give me, I pray you, Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son and my God, that love that does not fail so that my lantern, burning within me and giving light to others, may be always lighted and never extinguished.
Jesus, our most loving Savior, be pleased to light our lanterns, so that they might burn for ever in your temple, receiving eternal light from you, the eternal light, to lighten our darkness and to ward off from us the darkness of the world.
Give your light to my lantern, I beg you, my Jesus, so that by its light I may see that holy of holies which receives you as the eternal priest entering among the columns of your great temple. May I ever see you only, look on you, long for you; may I gaze with love on you alone, and have my lantern shining and burning always in your presence.
Loving Savior, be pleased to show yourself to us who knock, so that in knowing you we may love only you, love you alone, desire you alone, contemplate only you day and night, and always think of you. Inspire in us the depth of love that is fitting for you to receive as God. So may your love pervade our whole being, possess us completely, and fill all our senses, that we may know no other love but love for you who are everlasting. May our love be so great that the many waters of sky, land and sea cannot extinguish it in us: many waters could not extinguish love.
May this saying be fulfilled in us also, at least in part by your gift, Jesus Christ, our Lord, to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.